Monday, February 15, 2016

World of Warcraft - Love is in the Air 2016 World Event: The Crown Chemical Co. Battle (WoW 6.2.3)

Went and did lvl100 The Crown Chemical Co. battle in Shadowfag Keep dungeon with my horde tauren enhancement shaman. This boss is part of the Love is in the Air (Valentine's Day) world event in World of Warcraft MMO. For this 2016 LvL 100 Love is in the Air event they have updated the Apothecary Hummel loots and he is now dropping ilvl670 amulets. He can also drop epic flying mount called Big Love Rocket.

Strategy for this fight is pretty simple: Kill all three of the apothecaries: Apothecary Hummel, Apothecary Baxter and Apothecary Frye (in any order), and the loot can be found on the body of Apothecary Hummel.

No luck with the mount this time. This video was recorded in wow patch 6.2.3.

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